Academy for Dental Assistants

It is important for dental assistants to continuously increase their knowledge and improve their practical skills. This enables them to become the dentist’s extra hand and to effectively assist in the delivery of dental care as well as patient education and counselling.

Professional development programme to become a dental prophylaxis assistant (DPA) according to ÖGP (Austrian Society of Periodontology) guidelines

With the help of modern dentistry, damage to the tooth and its supporting tissue can largely be prevented. Making use of this knowledge for the benefit of the patient must, therefore, be a primary concern in dental care. Of all team members, it is above all the dental prophylaxis assistant who is responsible for informing and educating patients how to maintain healthy teeth with proper oral hygiene techniques.

Our dental academy offers

  • small class sizes for optimal learning and hands-on training
  • instruction by experienced dentists, dental hygienists and dental prophylaxis assistants
  • intensive interaction between participants
  • courses split to 60% practical and 40% theory content
  • patient assessment tutorials
  • instructions  how to compile a patient’s dental record
  • practical use of the latest techniques, materials and methods
  • skills acquired can be used in dental practice the very next day


Target group

The dental prophylaxis and periodontology programme offers continuing education or professional development following a three-year dental assistant programme.


  • periodontal charting
  • dental hygiene diagnosis (assessment of the patient’s oral hygiene problems)
  • appropriate and understanding patient motivation and instruction
  • supragingival plaque and calculus removal using sonic and ultrasonic scalers
  • professional teeth cleaning
  • preventive measures in modern dentistry
  • patient counselling on how to maintain healthy gums and teeth

The professional development programme includes comprehensive training in dental prophylaxis and periodontics. The trainees work in a dental health care team and perform tasks on the instruction and under the supervision of a dentist. While working in a dental practice, they must complete several courses including both theoretical study and practical training. This combination enables them to use the skills and knowledge acquired in these courses in everyday dental practice. The programme takes three semesters to complete.


  • completed three-year dental assistant programme (in Vorarlberg this involves three years of on-the-job training including one year of theoretical study while working in a dental practice)
  • an additional one-year period of on-the-job training
  • a hepatitis B vaccination certificate

Intermediate examinations

The level of knowledge is assessed by an intermediate examination each semester.

DPA certification examination

In the final exam, in which the candidates must present their patients, their theoretical knowledge, manual dexterity and their ability to work as part of a team as well as to communicate information in a clear and understandable manner and to motivate patients in a kind and understanding way are assessed.


The course has been approved by the Austrian Dental Chamber as part of the voluntary diploma training programme for dental prophylaxis assistants (160 hours).


Do you have questions? Contact Ms. Ettinger who will be happy to help you.

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Martina Ettinger
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