Striving for Perfection

Dental aesthetics

Smiling is fun and helps in so many ways—nobody should have to think twice about showing their teeth. The beauty of your smile and with it your face and personality are strongly influenced by the size, shape and position of your teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry can enhance your smile by closing spaces between teeth, removing or masking stains, restoring teeth to their proper size and proportion and correcting twisted or unsightly teeth. These are just a few procedures aesthetic dentistry has on offer. If you want to know more, we are happy to answer all your questions.

Dental fillings

Beauty comes from the inside, so does a beautiful, winning smile. After all, it’s healthy and natural teeth and gums that give you a bright smile. This is why aesthetic dentistry strives to emulate natural teeth. Today, we predominantly do microfillings and fewer crowns. Fillings, whether they are placed in a front or back tooth, are supposed to restore its appearance and function. For optimal aesthetics, we use modern tooth-coloured materials so that restorations cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth.

Tooth replacement

Replacement teeth need to be in harmony with the gums and the remaining natural teeth. For perfect aesthetic results we use full-ceramic crowns. Both in fixed and removable restorations or dentures, we strive to find the best solution for each patient.


Advances in technology such as magnifying lenses und operating microscopes enable the dentist to get a better and more detailed view of the teeth and their supporting structures. This significantly enhances the precision of dental work and thus the quality of dental care.


Your smile looks better with radiant white teeth. Today’s tooth whitening and bleaching techniques, which are soft on your teeth, provide an easy way to remove stains and to lighten the colour of your teeth. If you want to know more, our dental hygienists will be happy to advise you.

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