Afraid of dental treatment?

Our dental centre offers a number of options to make your visit a calm and pleasant one and to relieve anxiety or tension before and during dental treatment.

  • Anaesthesia

    All procedures can be performed under general anaesthesia or conscious sedation (analgosedation). Dr. Konrad Nocker, and Dr. Christa Nocker, our anaesthetists and intensive care specialists, will discuss with you the techniques available to determine which of them best suits your needs.

  • "The Wand"
    No need to be afraid of injections! “The Wand Plus“, a computer-controlled local anaesthesia delivery system, allows for virtually painless and more comfortable injection of local anaesthetics.

    Advantages of this new technology:
    • less pain with injection in the palate
    • fast numbing of the teeth and gums
    • precise delivery of the anaesthetic to the teeth thus avoiding numbing of the face
    • less anaesthetic required and therefore less stressful for the body

    At our centre, the traditional needle and syringe is supplemented or replaced by “The Wand”, which costs no more than standard anaesthesia.
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