Working at Institut Dr. Huemer

The key to success in any enterprise is based on the people who work there. We are proud of our staff who distinguish themselves by their outstanding professional qualifications, high personal commitment and identification with our professional and social goals. All staff members contribute assets of their own, e.g. professional skills and know-how, personal talents, social commitment and interest in professional and personal growth. Systematic staff development and ongoing professional training are integral parts of our staff-related strategies.

Due to our ambitious plans for the future, our team is continually growing. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for new staff members who would like to work with us towards these goals.


Renate Hoffmann-Berchtel

+43 5574 71314-0

Zahnmedizinisches Institut
Dr. Huemer GmbH
Lauteracher Str. 8a
6922 Wolfurt, Austria
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