Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)

Three-dimensional dental radiography: More information for diagnosis and treatment planning with less radiation exposure

Today, patients have high expectations of their dental treatment, and justly so. Complete and accurate diagnosis is required to meet these expectations and solve aesthetic challenges and issues concerning the safety of treatment. This is why adequate information is the key to designing a successful treatment plan.

X-ray images have always been the chief source of information for diagnosis and treatment planning in the dental surgery. Until recently, most of this information was derived from two-dimensional radiographs.

From two- to three-dimensional imaging

Dental (digital) volume tomography (DVT) is a state-of-the-art imaging modality representing the next generation of computed tomography (CT). It employs X-rays to image the body in cross-sectional slices and with the help of a computer compiles the images into a three-dimensional representation. Unlike computed tomography, DVT creates a three-dimensional image containing all data of interest in one run. Thus, the data can subsequently be processed as required using extremely sophisticated software.

Advantages for the patient:

  • shorter imaging time and reduced radiation dose compared to CT scans
  • no uneasy feeling of being enclosed in a CT tube
  • three-dimensional treatment planning with sophisticated software allowing detailed visualization of the relationships between the teeth and nerves as well as precise assessment of the amount of bone in the jaw
  • no need for referral to the radiologist as digital volume tomography can be readily performed in our centre



DVT allows for:

  • visualization of ectopic teeth (away from their normal location), esp. wisdom teeth
  • evaluation of the maxillary sinuses (cavities in the upper jaw bone)
  • assessment of dental anomalies and bone changes due to gum disease
  • orthodontic assessment (bite registration)
  • evaluation of  abnormalities of the jaw joint
  • planning of implant procedures
  • implant navigation

With its 3D-capabilities, DVT opens up entirely new dimensions in dental diagnostics. For the patient, this imaging technique provides the best possible basis for optimal treatment results.

DVT Referral Form (for dentists)

Three-dimensional imaging is a new technology which has great advantages for dental diagnostics. If you would like to refer your patient(s) for digital volume tomography, just send us the completed form below.

Formular "Zuweisung für DVT"
(available in German only!)
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