Examination and Consultation

Initial examination

At your initial visit we will take a detailed medical and dental history. In addition, it is most important for us to know about your needs and expectations so that we can develop a treatment plan that best suits your wishes.

Your initial visit will include:

  • a panoramic radiograph or, if required, a single tooth X-ray
  • digital volume tomography (in case of implant treatment)
  • dental examination with magnifying lenses
  • extra- and intraoral assessment
  • periodontal charting
  • interocclusal records
  • intraoral photographs (if required)
  • explanation and discussion of the diagnostic findings
  • In case of simple treatment needs:
    • treatment plan and cost estimate
    • information about potential treatment risks
  • In case of more complex treatment needs:
    • impressions of your upper and lower jaws
    • a second free appointment for discussing the cost estimate and treatment plan developed on the basis of the impressions obtained
    • information about potential treatment risks


Extended office hours for more convenience

When scheduling appointments we make great efforts to avoid long waiting times. Yet, delivering the very best in patient care is our primary concern. For the convenience of patients with busy schedules we have, therefore, extended our office hours to 8.30 p.m.

You can look forward to high-quality care that exceeds your expectations.

Call us to make an appointment

Phone +43 5574 71314-9


Monday to Thursday    8.30 - 12 a.m. and 2 - 4 p.m.
Friday    8.30 - 12 a.m.


(Central European Time)

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