Hygiene Standards

Very clean is not enough.


High standards of hygiene and sterility are crucial to both modern medicine and dentistry.

There are many methods of rendering items sterile. Sterilization is the most effective way to destroy and/or eliminate all micro-organisms and their spores, and to provide an aseptic (free of bacteria) environment, which is mandatory for all surgical procedures.

Sterile instruments in a tray system, sterile containers for surgical instruments and materials, surgical attire, a surgical suite with separate sluice rooms for the surgeon and the patient, special filters in the ventilating system to prevent dust particles from entering the operating theatre – these are all integral parts of our hygiene standards.

High-quality service in a safe and hygienic environment has been our top priority from the very beginning.

By following a strict hygiene protocol, which is evaluated annually by a recognized external hygiene examiner, we are able to provide a safe and clean environment for our patients.

Having been awarded a certificate for good practice hygiene, we can assure you that treatment at our dental centre meets the highest standards of sterility and safety.

We believe that this is the best answer to your trust.

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