International Patients Travel Guide.

Recognized for its expertise, Institut Dr. Huemer also receives international patients every year. To better meet the needs of these patients we created an easy to follow travel guide for our international patients ensuring the best treatment as well as a comfortable stay in Vorarlberg.


Travelling to Institut Dr. Huemer


  • Plane - We are conveniently surrounded by airports ensuring an easy access for all our international patients. Zurich airport and Munich airport are the main airports with the most flights in our region. However we also have smaller airports such as Friedrichshafen, Altenhein and Memmingen, which also can be used to reach our establishment. Please make sure to check which one is the best for you.
  • Train - The European train system is famous for its reliability and comfort. Our patient can decide to use the main train station in Bregenz or the main train station in Dornbirn as a gateway to reach us. For more information on train schedules please check the Austrian railroads website.
  • Car - The institute Dr. Huemer has the privilege to be established close to the border of 4 countries. Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. Our Address is no more than 10 min from the motorway A14.


Vorarlberg offers a wide range of accommodation (Hotels, Pensions, B&B). If you are in need of a suggestion, Hotel Sternen is just around the corner from us.



For Patients that need a Visa to enter Austria. Please check here for more information.


If you are apprehensive that you won't be able to communicate with our team and that the German language is not one of your expertise – do not worry. All our doctors can communicate with our patients in German or English. In addition to that, our staff can answer in English, German, Portuguese, or Romanian, all the questions you may have.

Feel free to contact us to help you with your travelling arrangements.

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