Endodontics—microscopic root canal treatment

Modern endodontic treatment makes it possible to save a tooth in which the nerve, commonly referred to as the pulp, is diseased, e.g. by infection or inflammation due to tooth decay. By means of microscopic root canal treatment even a tooth whose nerve is irreversibly damaged can be preserved and the bone can return to normal.

Teeth may have one to three roots with up to three root canals each, which contain the pulp. Some of these canals are as thin as a hair. For root canal treatment to be successful it is important to detect and treat all root canals.

One of the most revolutionary developments in the field of endodontics is the operating microscope, which provides extreme magnification. This makes it possible to identify and treat even minute structures and problem areas. Thus pain can be minimized and excellent long-term results achieved.

Digital radiography offers a wide range of possibilities for diagnosis and treatment planning such as careful monitoring of the treatment progress during root canal therapy. This can be achieved using very low levels of radiation.

Using three-dimensional volume tomography (DVT) we are now able to accurately visualize areas of inflammation that previously could not be identified.

Providing the best possible long-term solution for your teeth and overall health is our primary concern. To reach this goal, our team of specialists will thoroughly discuss the diagnostic findings before we decide whether your teeth can be preserved using the latest techniques of root canal treatment or should be replaced by implants.


Conventional root canal treatment is successful in 50 to 60 percent of cases. By comparison, the success rate of microscopic root canal treatment (performed with the help of an operating microscope) is more than 90 percent.

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