"Nobody should have to put up with a set of false teeth in a glass," says Dr. Peter Huemer.

Minifive® Social Implant Programme

Loose or poorly fitting dentures can be a big problem especially in elderly people. As the Austrian health system does not provide any allowances for elderly full denture wearers, Dr. Huemer decided in 2005 to offer free Minifive® dental implants to a number of socially underprivileged pensioners in Vorarlberg every year.

Says Dr. Peter Huemer: "It was these people who with their taxes enabled me and a lot of other young people to study. So it’s only fair to give them something back“.

Criteria for eligibility:

  • ordinary residence in Vorarlberg
  • 65 years or older
  • minimum pension
  • edentulous (toothless) lower jaw


(available in German only!)



Andrea Rädler
+43 5574 71314-0


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