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Dr. Fortin’s Marius Implant Bridge


Dr. Yvan Fortin of Quebec, Canada, has developed a completely new concept for an implant-borne full-arch bridge. Named after Dr. Fortin’s first patient to receive this type of treatment, the Marius Bridge is a semi-removable bridge for patients with toothless upper jaws. 

This treatment concept is particularly suitable for patients with severely resorbed upper jawbones and gums in whom a direct fixed bridge—either screw-retained or cemented—would yield aesthetically and phonetically (speech) compromising results. With the Marius Bridge approach, speech problems can be significantly reduced and lip profile aesthetics restored by minimal surgical intervention. For the patient, the Marius Bridge offers the same wearer comfort and stability as a fixed bridge. 

The Marius Bridge has a unique, high precision mechanism that allows the patient to split it into two parts for easier access when cleaning or for repairs or modifications. 

The Marius Bridge is made up of three bars:

  • Two separate bars connect to the implants, one of these is a custom-milled framework that corresponds to the implant placements. The thin second bar, which is only 2.7 mm in height, mounts directly to this framework. The third bar, which is integrated into the bridge, is a high precision bar that is removable and has a lock and key fit connecting it to the second attachment bar.
  • The bar which is integrated into the bridge is prefabricated and need not be custom-fit. This has the advantage that patients can request a spare Marius Bridge—either a cost-effective duplicate or a second Marius Bridge fabricated with the same precision as the original—so that in the event of accidental breakage they remain functional while their bridge is being repaired and/or modified.

For maximum safety, the Marius Bridge is fabricated from precision machined dental implant grade four titanium.

Marius Bridge / Marius Bridge Plus

At INSTITUT DR. HUEMER the Marius Bridge is offered in two variants—Classic (Marius Bridge) and Premium (Marius Bridge Plus), the difference between the two being the precision and aesthetic detail of the fabrication. Our in-house dental laboratory is the first in Europe accredited to offer this full-arch implant-supported bridge.



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