Providing a sound basis for healthy and beautiful teeth is the chief goal of periodontic dentistry.

According to statistics, about half of the population older than 40 suffers from gum disease (periodontitis). Bleeding from the gums is a warning sign which must be taken seriously. 

The earlier gum disease is treated, the better are the results and the less costly it is for the patient, because diseased gums are very likely to require expensive dental procedures.

There is also good news, though. Modern dentistry offers therapeutic concepts which make it possible to successfully treat even complex forms of the disease.

What does periodontal care include?

Periodontal care begins with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums by a dental hygienist. Based on a detailed analysis of your condition by one of our dentists, the dental hygienist and prophylaxis assistant will then provide the treatment that best suits your needs.

For more advanced gum disease, additional periodontal surgery may be necessary to restore healthy gums and keep the inflammatory process from recurring.

Plastic oral surgery makes it possible to replace tissue which has been lost and effectively restore aesthetics.

All procedures are performed with microsurgical techniques and very fine instruments, which allows for maximum tissue preservation. Owing to the gentle manipulation during surgery, the tissue usually shows better and faster healing.

A comprehensive aftercare programme promotes wound healing and ensures good cosmetic results.

Periodontal surgery includes

  • flap procedures
  • hemisection
  • advancement flaps
  • connective tissue grafts
  • mucosal grafts
  • guided tissue regeneration

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